Artist Statement


Being a California native speaks volumes through my art. My love of subtle light and sometimes dramatic color is evident in the various landscapes I photograph/paint. My father was an architect and a wonderful watercolorist, while my mother was fluent with the printed word.
They were supportive of my artist desires from an early age.

As a fine art photographer, I have worked on many series over the past 30 years. A purist in black and white photography, then learning color transparencies, to making collaged cyanotypes, magazine transfers, photographing at night to being a fashion and commercial photographer and teacher. All the while drawing and painting with collaged pieces. Most recently I have been painting my photographs of theatre interiors, a series a long time in coming to pass.

The idea to paint my photographs evolved from a large-scale mixed media series in which I painted around the photographs with pastels. (Early 90’s) From there I decided to paint my night photographs. It was the perfect melding of my photographer’s eye for detail and light along with my sensibilities for color/paint. The decision to expand and paint my images was and is a challenging one. However once completed, each work comes to life taking on a new dimension of light and color all its own.


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